Montag, 11. Mai 2015

back to school

Hello everyone!:D

The last week was really amazing. I received my first Canon (1100d) :))
i'm so happy. I started to take pictures of my bestfriend Nina Wirths and it is a success yeah :D (take a look at her blog: )
We had a lot of fun taking them :)
I'd like to show you some results and also a few which she took of me!
Hope you like them 



Mittwoch, 29. April 2015

I'm back ~

It really has been a while since i wrote in here. Shame on me ....
But now i try to write more often. 
I have some upcoming projects which aren't complete yet but it is definetly regarding music! Wait and see ;)

But first i'd like to show you some pictures of an amazing shoot i had with one of my best friends Nina Wirths. We really hab a blast in Duisburg one month ago with the charming and funny photographers Vanessa S. Fotografie (Facebook) and Svenja Loe Photography (Facebook) :).
The location was an old, disused trainstation. As you can guess there were a lot of great spots to get some good shots. :D

And I'm happy to tell you that more shootings will follow :) 

But first I hope you like the latest ones <3

And now some BTS ones ~

Take care and until next time :D~


Samstag, 29. Juni 2013

Love, tattoos and other stuff..

What you can see below are photographies from a 
studio shooting with Jennifer Mika photography last month. :)

A few of them have not been edited yet, so please don't have a closer look ;D~

And there is also my new beloved tattoo, which I got 2days ago!
I'm so f***ing happy ;)
-Love is all or nothing-

I hope you like...