Samstag, 29. Juni 2013

Love, tattoos and other stuff..

What you can see below are photographies from a 
studio shooting with Jennifer Mika photography last month. :)

A few of them have not been edited yet, so please don't have a closer look ;D~

And there is also my new beloved tattoo, which I got 2days ago!
I'm so f***ing happy ;)
-Love is all or nothing-

I hope you like...


-Shooting in an old building-

Good afternoon everyone,

a few months ago I had a Shooting in an old, destroyed building.
It smelled very stranged there and it was so damn windy, but after hours we had a lot of awesome pictures from different rooms/locations :)

So below you can have a look at a few of the results.


Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2013